Meet The Team

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Anna Tirado, Artistic Director 

Our Artistic Director was born in San Antonio, Tx. At an early age, she moved to Reynosa, Tamaulipas, where she had her first encounter with music at six years old.  


She relocated to the RGV at age nine, where she began serving as a singer at a Catholic Church and continues to do so to this day. Anna holds a Bachelors Degree in Theatre, TV, and Film and has more than eight years of experience as an educator.

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Augusto Contreras, Development Director 

I am an actor, director, producer, and the co-founder of Creative Arts Studio along with Ana Tirado. I believe in the power of music, dance, theatre, and art, to ignite social change and social development.


I believe in the power of human beings to create a better community. I found my way through the arts to better my community, the world and I believe every kid has talent waiting to be discovered and developed

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Zayra Marquez, Finance Director

My name is Zayra Marquez. I'm a Finance professional with many years of experience.


I have worked for companies like Eaton Industrials as Financial Analyst and RR Donnelley as a Leader Accountant.

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Belen Gonzalez,

General Manager 

My name is Belén A. Gonzalez; I am 28 years old. I am from Veracruz, México.


I stayed in the 4th semester of my degree in Computer Systems Engineering. 


Amado Angel Caballero, Site Coordinator

Amado Angel was born in the music scene as his father was a traveling musician who exposed him to the lifestyle at an early age. As time passed by, he later came to master the essential practices of Music, such as Composing, Song-Writing, Performing, and Producing.


Amado currently works for Creative Arts Studio as a Site Coordinator. He is leading a collective of artists to empower themselves and their community for the ultimate goal of evolving our human consciousness, in line with the Creative Arts Studio mission!


Alma Nino, Coordinator Assistant

My name is Alma Niño; I am 20 years old. I am from Hidalgo, Tx, and I am currently studying Business Administration at UTRGV. A short time ago, I got involved in the modeling industry and won the title of Miss Hidalgo 2016 and Miss RGV Belleza Latina in 2018.


Thanks to these titles, I became more involved in my community, and that led me to act. I had the opportunity of being a protagonist of a local film and obtained a nomination for best actress for the International Film Festival. At Creative Arts Studio, my role is to Administer our Sharyland office and offer parents and students a great experience when visiting our studio.

Luis Eduardo Perez, Site Coordinator 

El sentimiento por la musica y su apreciación me llego desde los 15 años. Fui miembro de varias agrupaciones musicales, entre ellas una que destacó un poco en el género norteño, llamado Dinora y la Juventud, trabajé con ellos casi 10 años, teniendo presentaciones y giras en casi todo Estados Unidos y México. Una de mis más gratas experiencias es haber ganado 2 Concursos de Guitarra, la primera con el Grupo Maná, ya que el premio fué Alternar con ellos una Canción en el State Farm Arena en el año 2015.


El otro concurso fue en Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, el premio fué alternar con el Guitarrista famoso Paul Gilbert, esa experiencia me marcó de por vida! Por último uní fuerzas con la escuela Creative Arts Studio  el cual he sido parte de hace 2 años como Maestro, ahora uniendo fuerzas con la escuela ubicada en Sharyland.


Diana del Moral Coordinator Assistant

My name is Diana Del Moral; I am from Alton,Tx. I recently obtained my Bachelor's Degree in accounting at UTRGV. I work as Co-coordinator at Creative Arts Studio.


I am also part of the growth team, which focuses on sales expanding opportunities of development for CAS.


Alexis Caballero, Site Coordinator 


Pablo Barrera, Music Instructor 

My name is Pablo Barrera, I am 23 years old, and I was born in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas, and currently reside in Weslaco Tx. I am currently working on my associates in Music at South Texas College and will soon transfer to UTRGV to pursue my Music Education bachelor's degree.


I have performed in various groups, including jazz groups and classical ensembles. I teach trumpet, ukulele, piano, and guitar for all ages.


Daniel Torres, Music Instructor 

My name is Daniel Torres; I am 30 years old. I am from Reynosa, Tamaulipas. I hold an Associates in Music and currently working on my bachelors.


I received an award for student of the week at the STC Music Department. Outside of work, I enjoy playing with my cover band. I have my original music on Spotify.


Luis Guerrero, Music Instructor 

My name is Luis Guerrero. I am from Mcallen, Tx. I am currently studying at Mass Communication- Broadcast Experience in Music at UTRGV.


I am part of a Mariachi group where I play and sing.  I teach Accordion, Guitar, and Bajo quinto. 

Myrka Chapa, Voice Instructor 

My name is Myrka Celeste Chapa; I am 21 years old, and I am from San Juan, TX. I am currently studying vocal performance at UTRGV.


My musical experience consists of 8 years of performing pop music, four years of mariachi, and three years in classical music. I have been teaching voice and beginner piano at Creative Arts Studio for over a year.

David Vasquez, Piano Instructor 

My name is David Vasquez; I am 31 years old. I am from Palmview, TX. I studied piano performance at UTRGV with frequent performances for honors lab and studio classes.


I teach piano for Creative Arts Studio, as well as help, develop a curriculum for the music and piano program.

Josue Ortega, Music Instructor

Mi nombre es Josué Ortega; Tengo 25 años. Soy de Hidalgo, Texas, tengo una licenciatura en educación musical, con más de ocho años de experiencia en grupos musicales de diferentes campos.


He dominado la batería, la guitarra, el piano, el ukelele y el saxofón.

AnaLuisa Salvador 


Karen Escobar

My name is Karen Escobar; I'm 23 years old and I am from Mission, TX.


I have a Bachelor's in Music from UTRGV and have experience with teaching and music performance.


Uriel Ureña 

My name is Uriel Ureña; I am 24 years old, and I am from Hidalgo, Tx. I began learning to play instruments when I was ten years old.


I have been part of a national champion mariachi and have won various individual awards for singing and guitar playing.


Daniella Rodriguez

 My name is Daniella Rodriguez; I'm 21 years old, and I've lived in Hidalgo my whole life. I recently graduated from UTRGV with a bachelors in Rehabilitation Services: Deaf Studies.


I've been dancing for ten years already; the past three years have been with the Ballet Folklorico South Texas College company. I've been working with Creative Arts Studio for three years as a dance teacher, and I've loved every minute of it.

Rebecca Cano 

Kenia Vasquez

 My name is Kenia Vasquez; I am 25 years old. I was born in McAllen, TX, but grew up in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.


I studied at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts in May 2019, concentrating on 2-Dimensional art such as drawing and painting. 

My name is Rebeca H. Cano. I’m 24 years old, and I’m from Alamo Tx. I’m currently studying Music Education at The University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley, and Violin is my main instrument. I started my musical journey since the day my parents played classical pieces to me as a baby. I’ve participated in bands, choirs, orchestras, and mariachi groups growing up, and I can say that it has opened many doors for me.


From being a participant in Obama’s second inaugural parade to performing and competing in front of a crowd of 80,000, music has brought so much. I’m currently a member of Mariachi Mariposas and the UTRGV Symphony Orchestra.

Here at Creative Arts Studio, I teach Violin, Voice, and I’m also the director of our very own Mariachi Herencia Mexicana.

Oscar Chirino, Guitar Instructor 

A la edad de 14 años de edad comienzo mi viaje de iniciación en la música y el arte. En un plano de luz cósmica tuve mi nacimiento en el mundo en una pequeña ciudad al norte de México, Río Bravo, Tamaulipas. Mi trayectoria en el mundo de la música inicia con la GUITARRA como principal extensión de mis emociones. Influenciado principalmente de la mano de Rock, formé a bandas locales tales como: Los Cuervos, Leyenda. También miembro de Marfil del Río (en eventos sociales). A mis 18 años emigro a la cuidad de Monterrey con la intención de estudiar en Bellas Artes ( Escuela Superior de Música Carmen Romano ); escuela en la que me aceptaron y estudié mi primer año. Seguido de diversos ofrecimientos profesionales para trabajar con bandas importantes de la cuidad de Monterrey, pertenecí a la banda Conspiración (un reconocido y exitoso grupo de todo tipo de eventos sociales del Norte de México). El pasar del tiempo me trajo nuevamente a la frontera, donde inició una de mis etapas más trascendentes, la composición y producción de mi primer disco como solista ( Mind Revolution ) Éste nace a la luz pública en 2009. Antes y durante la creación y elaboración de éste disco, formé parte 7 años desde el 2004-2011 cómo guitarrista del grupo Se7en (Seven) música internacional. Los últimos 10 años de mi carrera, me establézco en el sur de Texas, USA; lugar dónde he trabajado con diversas agrupaciones locales tales como: The Leaping Lizards, Los Greñas y la Wera, Deja Vù, High Five, Manhattan Show, Boulevard, Mantra Pop, Jukebox Heroes, DKDA, The Retrospecks, Street Corner Soul, etc. Fuí maestro de la Academia de Música local CAARI Entertainment. Actualmente trabajo con el extraordinario equipo CAS (Creative Arts Studios), una academia única en su región; implementando desarrollo espiritual y música a toda la comunidad del Sur de Texas.